About Us

About Channel IQ

We are a business, a team, a family. We are Channel IQ.

Channel IQ is the leading provider of online retail intelligence solutions to manufacturers, distributors, and retailers. Channel IQ provides real-time, online promotion and pricing information, empowering customers to profitably handle channel issues and competitive situations. Unlike other alternatives, data, applications, and services are combined to achieve consistently successful and profitable solutions.

Channel IQ solutions are the result of cutting edge technology combined with decades of management experience in channel management, distribution, online retail and manufacturing.


In A Word

Our team works really hard, that’s obvious. Recently we asked them to describe what Channel IQ means to them. The only requirement? Do it in just one word – See what they have to say.



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Our Mission

Big Data Meets Channel Management

Channel IQ’s mission is to provide leading online retail intelligence to retailers, distributors, and manufacturers in order to facilitate informed decision making across the organization. Unlike competitors, the scale, timeliness, and scope of Channel IQ’s data monitoring, as well as its purpose, built channel management applications that deliver the data to the right person, at the right time, and in the format and context they need.


Our Values

We are Always Engaged – Listening, Learning, and Teaching

Not only do we value customer input, we need customer input. We are innovators who rely heavily on customer feedback to enhance our software. Therefore, we like to hear not only your compliments, but your complaints. We know the saying: ‘Where there’s smoke, there’s fire’, and we believe: ‘Where there’s a problem, there is usually a solution.’


Our Culture


We are a company of entrepreneurs, marketers, salespeople, engineers…and more. Our focus is on constant innovation to solve the pressing problems faced by our customers. We achieve this by hiring experienced professionals with diverse interests from diverse backgrounds to examine issues from all angles and formulate multi-faceted solutions.


Our Background

A Broad Canvas of Experience

While our name may be new to some companies, our management team is not. We have been working on the problems of channel management, retail software systems, retail intelligence, supply chain optimization, and retail e-commerce for decades. Our team has worked with hundreds of leading retail and manufacturing companies. We understand multi-channel management and the importance of retail intelligence to the organization far better than any other company in the business of delivering online retail data.