Your Brand is Everything. Let Us Help You Protect It.

Challenges to your brand occur on a global scale daily. Our experts have decades of brand protection experience, and align this knowledge with our best-in-class technologies to protect your brand, trademark, and intellectual property.

Our team of brand protection experts identify where infringements are occurring and help to resolve the issues.

Your products aren’t cookie-cutter, so why are there so many templated competitive brand intelligence solutions?

map monitoring


Learn the identity and contact information of unidentified marketplace or third party sellers through investigations.

minimum advertised price monitoring


With Domain Name Monitoring, continuously monitor global domain names for current and future infringements against your trademarks.

price monitoring


Effectively locate, track and stop online sales of counterfeit and grey market goods with Counterfeit Monitoring.

map experts


Discover the identity of unauthorized sellers and pinpoint leaks in distribution through anonymous product buys.

Closed Leaks In Supply Chain and Eliminated Unauthorized Sellers

A Word From Our CEO

"Channel IQ help brands maintain their price integrity, protect brand assets and sell more products through actionable insights that are derived from timely, near perfect ecommerce data.""


Staying proactive when it comes to the unauthorized sale of products online can be tough for brands, especially when many unauthorized sellers take steps to hide their identity and remain anonymous. Channel IQ’s Brand Protection team offers a comprehensive investigation solution, which successfully uncovers the identity of unknown sellers, how they obtained the products, and help to resolve the matter in a timely manner.

We complement our client’s in-house compliance efforts by:
  • Monitoring Unauthorized e-Commerce Activity – via automated reports & screenshots of unauthorized selling activity
  • Investigating Unknown Seller Aliases – tracking down evidence that leads to the seller’s true identity

Our goal is to provide actionable data that allows you to accelerate the enforcement process and to develop and maintain a reputation of zero tolerance for those who threaten your brand online.

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