Your Brand Is Everything - Shouldn't You Protect It?

Channel IQ knows Brand Protection. We are all about Researching, Reporting, and Enforcement.

Challenges to your brand occur on a global scale daily. Our experts have decades of brand protection experience, and align this knowledge with our best-in-class technologies to protect your brand, trademark, and intellectual property.

At Channel IQ, we have full IP enforcement capabilities.  Our team are experts at quickly identifying where infringements are occurring. Some of the areas include:

•  Investigations: Research and Reporting on unknown or third-party seller investigations services
•  Cease and Desist: We work in conjunction with your legal provider using your language
•  UDRP: We research, draft, and file the escalation for you, as well as work with your legal provider
•  Take Down: We take down unauthorized sellers of your products, as required

The frequency of your brand’s monitoring is as flexible as you need it to be. Whether it is daily, weekly, bi-monthly, or monthly reporting, our price monitoring is effective immediately. Whether you are looking to protect your brand from IP infringement or you need a complete brand protection solution, our comprehensive suite of tools has been developed to support your brand and product needs.

Our Suite of Brand Protection Services Include:

  • Domain Name Monitoring

    One of the most frequently counterfeited elements of a brand name is a domain, or URL. For many brands this can be extremely detrimental to the  brand reputation. We seek out these unauthorized domains for you, and shut them down.


  • Intellectual Property Protection

    Don’t let your brand be tarnished by products that aren’t even yours. Channel IQ has the tools to help you track down and pinpoint counterfeit operations. We search and expose, then help you with the enforcement of these violations.


  • Unauthorized Product Sales Monitoring (Gray Market)

    Where did those products come from if you didn’t sell them to the retailer? This question is being asked more and more by manufacturers.  We do the research and provide you visibility into where unauthorized sales are originating.


  • Online Price Monitoring

    Channel IQ’s solution is the most advanced and comprehensive tool available for monitoring online retail activity and enforcing Minimum Advertised Price (MAP) and Price Policy compliance.


  • Paid Search Brand Protection

    As online visibility and advertising continues to grow, your brand name may be at risk. We monitor and reveal who’s using your name and costing you valuable clicks without authorization.


  • Where To Buy

    Where To Buy. Channel IQ’s Answer to Legacy Where to Buy Solutions uses data and your needs to create a great customer experience